Our Purpose


To realign young women back to their true authentic self through sharing the message and love of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission


To create a platform full of resources, tools and inspiration for the modern young woman who has a desire to lead a christ centered lifestyle. 

Our Story


GBEMigirl.com was birthed from the scripture  Ezekiel 36:35 “This land that was laid waste has become like the garden of Eden” I fell in love with this scripture because Eden is a paradise, it’s the garden of our Lord God – for ones life to become like the garden of eden, is a life that is fruitful, blessed and beautiful. I believe this is what each woman is becoming. As she journeys through a life with christ, everyday she is becoming this Eden. This is why our tag line is Girl In the Garden.

I pray a million times over that your life becomes like the garden of eden, ever-flowing and ever-full of the goodness and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Girl Behind GBEMigirl…


Hey Queens! My name is Alice Oluyitan and I am so passionate about the message of Jesus Christ. His love has completely turned my life around and now there is no better thing I love to do then talk about his goodness. GBEMigirl.com is a place where I hope that you get closer to Christ and learn about the joys of surrendering your life to him. I hope it blesses you and shows you the relevance of christianity in a modern day world. 

When I’m not blogging I’m a fashion creative working in London. I absolutely love fashion, I enjoy reading faith based books, painting, online creative courses and spending time with my sisters. Thankyou for visiting and I hope we get to connect.

Sending all the love of Jesus Christ 💗

Girl In The Garden