Do you believe Jesus wants you to be REALLY REALLY happy?

Do you know that Jesus Christ wants you to be really happy and enjoy your life, like really, really happy? I am currently reading a book by Jerry Savelle called Everyday a blessing day. I am really enjoying this book because it helped me discover some really exciting scriptures about the blessings and enjoyment that comes from God. He REALLY does want us to be happy. One of my fave scriptures I discovered is 1 Timothy 6:17

Their trust should be in God, who richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment.

Another great one is Psalm 23: 6

So why would I fear the future? For your goodness and love pursue me all the days of my life.

BUT do I really believe?

When I read these scriptures, I asked myself do I really believe this? Do I really expect and believe that today goodness is pursuing me, do I believe God is richly giving me all I need to enjoy life today?

I realised that sometimes we read and recite these scriptures, but it doesn’t actually transform our thinking. Over the last couple of days something really changed, God got me to really analyse my thinking and although I never speak negatively, I found out that I could be very pessimistic with my thinking, saying one thing but believing another.

God is saying be Expectant

God challenged to REALLY believe and EXPECT the words from these scriptures to happen. As I meditated on these wonderful scriptures I became more self-aware when negative thoughts came to mind and I began to replace them with Gods word. It then led me to really begin to start expecting that GOOD things will happen to me. Finally, my mind is beginning to change, I woke today thinking today is going to be a great day, I’m going to enjoy today, something good will happen to me today.

When you think this way, you are giving God permission to bring goodness into your life, he can use the words of your thoughts to create that which you are thinking.

4 Tips to a happier life

1. I encourage you today to meditate on a promise from God.

2. Analyse your heart, ask yourself do I REALLY believe this, if not why? (Ask for the Holy Spirit’s help here).

3. Keep on thinking about the promise until it becomes real to you, until your mind starts to see really good things happening to you. Until you become excited and happy about these powerful truths.

4. Get your hopes up, expect that today you will be happy and enjoy life and that things will go really well in doing this you are allowing Gods spirit to flow through these thoughts and cause them to manifest.

I  have found that since becoming expectant and positive with my thinking  that I’m enjoying life so much more, I finally believe that goodness is indeed pursuing me, I believe that today I will enjoy life. I challenge you to do the same!!!

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