Feeling inferior as a young black woman

I’ve had to face that I have had some deep hidden inferiority issues in the light of the black lives matter movement. I looked within and remembered some of the times I subconsciously held myself back because I was the only black person in the room. My thinking had been so warped, white superiority had been  so ingrained to my mind that I didn’t even realise where these insecurities stemmed from.

I am so happy at the new era that we are in, it finally feels like shackles of racism are being removed. Like I can finally be myself and fully comfortable in my own skin. However I knew it was so important that I would need to unlearn the old lies of inferiority’s voice. I would have to mute that voice and instead listen to another. 

The voice of Jesus is so powerful and when you allow it to shape your thinking, you begin to think very highly of yourself. Not in a arrogant or condescending way, but in a beautiful way that says – I am grateful for who I am and I accept who I am. Coming to a place of true acceptance in Christ is like no other, you feel content in him yet understand that through grace you will also become better a person. His Holy Spirit has a way of freeing the mental blockages that hinder you from truly shining, yet there is no judgement or condemnation. The psalm says “Arise and shine for your light has come” that light is Jesus, that light is purpose , that light is love and all of them bring you into a very confident new dimension of life. 

Despite the trials and oppression that the black community has faced world over, please do not wear these struggles, please do not take them on as your identity. Recognise them, honour them, empathise but don’t take them on. In this era we black women must continue to speak up and do the necessary but we are to find our identity in Christ believe him when he says, “you are the head and not the tail”, “above and not beneath” believe him when he says “You are blessed with every spiritual blessing “ and believe him when he say “You are made in the image of God”.

All the great pain of the past must not shape our thinking, we must heal from our heart breaking history, we must heal from our own negative experiences and move victory minded into this new era, with our heads held high, as Kings and Queens of the living God! That is what we are , we are not inferior we are royalty !!! 

You can find a vast list of scriptures to reshape your mind here. Take these in  and let the Lord construct a new mentality as we go into this new season of life.



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Her Life has now become like the garden of Eden…



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