How to get past feeling jealous of other women

As I lay in bed during my prayer time, I didn’t say much but I listened intently. I shared how within me there was some jealousy towards women that were winning, I admitted this small tinge of jealousy that would creep up. And I hated it, I didn’t ever want there to be that slight jealous voice speaking to my heart to try and make me feel small.

So I waited on Gods holy spirit, Gods holy pure peaceable voice, to come in and whisper truth that would drowned out the voice of jealousy. This is what he told me…COMPETITION DOESN’T EXIST!!!!

The Competition Myth

The competition of life does not exist!!!!! It’s a lie and there really is no competition EVER. Jealousy says “life is a competition and your winning more than I am therefore I feel less than you because you are better than me or more ahead than me, or have what I don’t have…the list goes on.”

God says I am the King of Kings, God says I have created EVERYONE for a unique and great destiny. God says you can NEVER DO what another person does. You know why? Because you ain’t them, I can’t sing like Beyonce because I ain’t got her mouth !!!!! lolol I can’t dance like Rihanna, because I ain’t got her legs. Even if two women are in the same industry there is no comparison because you cannot be what you are not!!. They can’t be you, you can’t be them!! So there really is no competition, competition only works if you are in a race or a sporting event. But in terms of destiny, dreams and life in general THERE IS NO COMPETITION.

You are in your own race, you are in your own lane, you are running but no one is running against you, you will never be “better” or “worse” than someone else because in the first place they were never you. To explain this, a flower can never compete with a tree, blue can’t be orange, grapes don’t compete with strawberries, an elephant can’t compete with a fish, a daisy don’t compete with a rose!! Do you get it!!?

Discover your own race and win every time

So, God told me to let you know that everyone is called to be a king and dominate and live blessed at life, never let the arising and shining of another woman make you feel less than. You will NEVER be “that” woman and she will NEVER be you.

So drop that lie, say it louder that I can never be her and she can never be me. Then celebrate you, celebrate that there is ONLY ONE YOU, no one else on this earth is you!! Have a party, get some balloons, blow out some candles because there is ONLY ONE YOU. No one else!!! No one else can ever do what you do like you do it!!!!! So own WHO you are, stop feeling jealous or comparing yourself to others, INSTEAD look at who you are, discover your own race, your dreams, your desires and OWN THEM, OCCUPY them and WIN at them!!!! Celebrate every Queen! In Christ we are all one body, we all have a part to play , each with a different purpose and called to help and impact specific people.

So with all that being said, own who you are celebrate that no one can ever, and will ever be you and now go and be everything ONLY YOU can be!!

Sending the love and light of Jesus Christ

Girl In The Garden

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