Letter to my single girls.

To my gorgeous sister,

I am currently single, assured that it is only for a timeframe. Confident that in my fathers perfect time I will share life with a great man. Reflecting back on this season so far I smile, because it has been so wonderful. 

I allowed this alone time to be a time where I could fall in love with Jesus and fall in love with who he made me. This space and freedom to spend my days endlessly reading the bible and having conversations with Christ have lead to life changing encounters, profound insights into my calling  and an overall knowing and peace of the love of Jesus Christ. It is this unshaken inner faith that has made me understand that despite the occasional issues and negative emotions of life that at the centre of it all. Christ has me secure in him.

The season has given me the time to heal, to discover my true desires, to know the depth of Christ’s love and to understand people In a better way. I feel so much more fuller and empowered, something that perhaps would not have happened had I been in a relationship. The greatest gift I have received is this knowing of the unrelenting , passionate love that Christ has for me and all humankind. It is a love that even when single or in a relationship it gives you a true inner joy and beauty to life.

I encourage you dig deep to get to know this love of Christ, he will so willingly show himself to you, and it will lead to a wholeness and beauty that no relationship could have ever brought. 

Sending all the love of Jesus Christ

Girl In the Garden xoxo


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Her Life has now become like the garden of Eden…



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