How to Pray for meaningful friendships.

I am very blessed to have 3 sisters that are truly my best friends. Each of them different and special in their own unique way. I recently was at a crossroads where I wanted to do something that I knew was wrong but I planned to do it anyway. My emotions had got the best of me and I was willing and very ready to make the wrong choice.

However in my moment of weakness and heightened emotions, I knew I had to be VERY honest and open with my sister and tell her everything that I planned to do. In her remarkable love and non judgemental heart she advised me to change my mind and walk away from making the wrong choice. She encouraged me and reminded me why this was wrong and how far I had come. She was able to so gracefully pick me up and get me back on track. I will always remember this moment, had I not had this great relationship around me I could have so easily done something that would have led to regret.

I encourage you to pray and make it a priority to build friendships with people that you can be VERY open with, pray for non judgemental hearts where you can be safe and open to share your struggles and challenges. No man is an island and we all need someone that will help us in that moment of madness lol

If you are in need of real friendships I believe the below steps will help you attain this:-

  1. Pray for this, as you make your request know to Christ he will most assuredly answer them. (1 John 5:15)
  2. Get involved in a church / ministry that has a framework that encourages friendships. A church that has cell groups or Small groups. 
  3. Be open, honest and don’t feel ashamed that you desire friendship. Share your vulnerable side within these safe environments.

If you are from London , I have started a meetup group and the goal is to build a community of young christian women which encourages forming real , meaningful friendships. To join, click HERE.


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Her Life has now become like the garden of Eden…



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