The confidence devotional: You are a gift of God

Proverbs 18: 22

 When a man finds a wife, he has found a treasure!
For she is the gift of God to bring him joy and pleasure.


Whether you are a married or single woman , you are a treasure and you are a gift of God. This is how our heavenly Father sees you. This is his opinion and belief about you. You are so special to Christ, and he is so committed to you! He will always cover you, love you, protect you and call you his precious gift.

Only believe that this is how God sees you, take on this opinion about yourself. Refuse insecurity and love the woman you are. Take a moment and read the scripture, visualise yourself as a treasure and gift of God, what are you wearing? What are you doing? Where are you? I personally love to imagine myself in a long beaded white dress, with long wavy hair at some kind of royal event, holding the hand of my Christ Jesus. When I think on this image I am reminded of my position in Christ.

It’s due time that you pull the plug on low self-esteem and instead trust and KNOW that you are loved and cherished by Christ. Therefore, own your beauty, own your skin, own your voice and every part of what makes you YOU. Walk in this knowing and hold your head up high, walking in complete and unhindered CONFIDENCE!!


  1. Do you feel like you are Gods treasure and precious gift? If not write down the reasons why?
  2. Ask the holy spirit to heal you from these lies, confront each reason by saying this is a lie and repeat the below declarations. Repeat this exercise until you TRULY believe the declarations.


I am a treasure

I am the gift of God

I am loved and cherished by Christ


“Dear Jesus, thankyou for your beautiful words of affirmation, thank you for loving me and that I am secure in you. I pray that you would give me a mind that believes I am a treasure, let me have faith that I am a gift of God, remove every voice of insecurity that speaks to my mind and replace it with the voice of love and perfect confidence  in Jesus mighty name I pray.


Another In the fire – Hillsong United

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